How Lawrence White Bowes
A Division of Scotia Legal Services

98 Gerrish Street
P.O. Box 3177
Windsor NS B0N 2T0

Telephone (902) 798-5997
Fax (902) 798-8925

How Lawrence White Bowes was formed in early 2000 through the merger of the law firms of the late Harry How, Q.C., of Wolfville, the late William Lawrence, Q.C., James J. White and Debbi Bowes.

The firm is dedicated to providing full-service, cost-effective legal services. Today this requires utilizing the most advanced technology. We must constantly weigh the cost of the solution versus the client's desired outcome.

How Lawrence White Bowes
is dedicated to offering clients fair legal fees that reflect the value clients receive. Fees are based on a number of factors, including the complexity of the matter, the amount of time spent advancing the client’s case, the amount of money involved and the stage at which the case is resolved.